We are under new management


As of November 1, 2014, Silk Base Closures has been acquired by Mutual Investing, and is now under new management.  As the new owners of this industry leader in the hair extension marketplace, we’d like to offer to current and prospective customers a little background regarding how this transition came about.

Mutual Investing was initially contacted by Silk Base Closures’ management to audit the business and make recommendations for improvement.  After months of evaluating the organization’s structure, products, and operations; we realized that the business itself and the exceptional product line it offers are stable industry assets. However, the organization suffered from substantial operational issues which required a significant shift in management in order to sustain the business and continue to offer quality products to customers.

Convinced of the value of Silk Base Closures’ outstanding hair products, Mutual Investing was compelled to negotiate an acquisition with the owners which would result in a win-win situation for everyone. Our extensive background and expertise in providing operational excellence will ensure that you – the customer – continue to receive the level of quality products only Silk Base Closures can provide, while experiencing a tremendously improved level of service with every transaction.

What does all of this mean for you – our customer?

New and Improved Pricing!
New and Improved Ordering Process!
New and Improved Customer Service… because we know that the customer is always right!

One more benefit we are excited to offer in the very near future is a brand new Membership Website, which will give our loyal customers exclusive discounts!

Why did we choose to step in, step up and revamp this company?

The answer is – YOU.  When we reviewed the many testimonials Silk Base Closures customers provided regarding the products and services offered by this company, it became abundantly clear that you were exceedingly pleased with the quality products, but very dissatisfied with the processing delays and less than favorable customer service experiences. 

The new ownership team understands and empathizes with these customer frustrations. We know how important it is to feel appreciated and prioritized as a customer. We want you to truly believe you are receiving the best customer service available when honoring our establishment with your valuable business.

Finally, in an effort to understand how we can better serve you in the future; a member of our new management team may contact you to get your direct feedback. Please feel free to express your sincerest feelings regarding past experiences and what you would like to see improved going forward.

We are dedicated to providing great products and wonderful service to you, and personally guarantee that you will love doing business with the new and improved Silk Base Closures!