silk base closures

Premier Silkbase Closure - Size 3.5 X 3 Freestyle

Our Silk Base Lace Front Closures are truely undectable and appears as if the hair was coming directly from your scalp. We offer the lowerst rate on the market and our closures are truly made to appear natural. Our closures are measured at a perfect size and has a natural scalp appearance. All closures comes in length of 16" and natural color, which is normally 1b (off black color). All of our closures are made with 100% Malaysian Remy Human Hair. The measurement of our closures are the perfect size of 3.5" X 3".



Straight Closure

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Natural Wavy Closure

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Curly Closure

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Loose Curl

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Deep Wavy

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We now offer larger size closures due to many requests from our customers. Our premier silkbase closures (above) are still our most natural size and most popular closure. Below are the larger size silkbase closures that we offer in the various types. All silkbase closures are made with Malaysian hair.


Type of Silkbase of Closures




We offer various types of closures to our customer. We offer the following silkbase closures in

Sizes: 3.5 X 4, 4 X4 and 5 X 5

Freestyle - You can part it in any direction you like
Middle part - Part if defined in the middle
3-Part - There are 3 definite part set in closure (1 on the side and one in the middle)
J Part - The is a part that is shaped like the letter J that is set in the closure



Middle Part


3 Part






Now offering:


7X7 Silkbase Closures







Silkbase 3 Part Closures

We are proud to introduce our 3 Part Closures, with a 3 Part Closure you are not left with the task of parting your closure, the closure is already parted in 3 places. So you can wear your part on the right side, down the middle or on the left side. Our Closures are made with Malaysian hair. They looks very natural like our Silkbase Closures.


Keep in mind if you want to make your own parts this can be done with our silkbase closures. You don't have to order a 3 part closure to do this. The only difference between are silkbase closures and our 3 part silkbase closure is that the parts are already defined in the 3 part closures. Our silkbase closures are freestyle and you can create any part that you like.










Demonstration of a Silkbase Closure Install