Virgin Malaysian remy hair


Virgin Malaysian Remy Hair


Malaysian hair is a great alternative to yaki hair. Many women of ethnic background use yaki hair to resemble chemically relaxed hair. Virgin Malaysian hair has a soft and sleek feel. It is heavier and thicker than Indian hair but similar to our Virgin Chinese hair because both are from the same region. The hair is less shiner than the virgin indian hair, has a lot of body and is used by many African American women who want to achieve a relaxed texture.



Virgin Malaysian Remy Wavy Hair - 4oz
Hair goes from Wavy to Straight and vice-versa


Virgin Malaysian Remy Straight Hair - 4oz


Virgin Malaysian Remy Loose Curl Hair - 4oz
Hair goes from Loose Curl to Straight and vice-versa

Virgin Deep Wavy Hair - 4oz

Virgin Curly Hair - 4oz


Starting Price: $129.00